Photon Yukon on .308

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If the scope is out of warranty you can pick the filler out of the Allen head screws that hold the electronics onto the scope tube. Loosen them a smidge (technical term) and move the objective lens accordingly. This will negate the need for shimming or adjustable mounts.

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I’ve got the XT 6.5x50 photon on the 17 HMR and was thinking of putting it on .22-250 for foxing I have an additional illuminator that came with it that’s fine with HMR but was wondering how far people are shooting with the photon on their CF rifles


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I had two ,both of which had issues .First was sticky on off button that eventually froze and second was zero issues on a .222.Thomas jacks to their credit took both back .I now swear by the pard 007 which hasn’t put a foot wrong in 3 years .
I also found there is a black wall at distance that no ir will get past .Might of been unlucky with both but soon moved on to the pard .
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