Photon Yukon on .308


Hi, I currently have a Photon Yukon xt mounted on my 22-250, with an additional IR torch, used for vermin control, would this basic NV be ok on a .308 for wild boar? Thinking about effect of recoil, as well as target recognition. Thanks in advance for any advice (I know thermal would be the best option but I'm too tight)


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PM mealie jimmy ( Bruce) on here he’s the man for NV

I thought it was cleared for .308 but not 100% sure, best get the nod from the experts to be sure


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Cheers, just needed some practical experience of the photon Yukon on boar.
The integrated IR is ok for 50m, if you're shooting over a feed station, but I'd recommend having an additional IR torch fitted, in case you need to shoot further.

If you are shooting a heavily shot area, use a thermal spotter if you have one, or see if you can borrow one, because the pigs are VERY clever, and learn to look for little red lights. Avoid using the rifle to spot with, or they'll be off. Use the minimum IR you can get away with.

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If you use this IR illuminator with a 940 nm Pil
The boar will not see it. as there is no red glow. Makes your Photon Yukon into a dark ops version for £100 RESULT.
Not like lateral to miss a trick. We have sold a lot of Photon Yukons for large calibers even 9.3 with no reported problems.