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WOW! ... telescopic high seat was a bit of a drag trying to get it to close down easy, flooded the stiles & thumb locking bits with this product, it's like a new one now.:smug:


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You can buy spray on silicon from screw fix for about £2.5 per can. If your car seat belts are slow retraction was them as best you can let them dry them with silicon works a treat !


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I have been using the WD40 PTFE spray for a number of years. Quick spray of the bolt after cleaning, leave to dry (a max of a couple of minutes) and your ready to go. It isnt sticky and dry's completely.


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So I decided to buy a can of wd40 dry ptfe.

Yes it does dry after a seconds and leave a clear non tacky film on everything.

gave the entire bolt a quick spray and left to air dry for a few minutes before re inserting.

And so far so good it seems to be silky smooth on cycling the action so only time will tell if it attracts any dirt and how long lasting it is but so far it's looking good.


Ps I got it off Amazon for £6.06 it's on sale


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Brilliant stuff! Use it on loads of things. Like you say - leave it for a short period and it will dry.


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Well I still have a tin of Dri Slide which we used when rebuilding/respringing air rifles.