Recommend me a Turret Press (Kit) ~

David Nimrod

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I used to use a Dillon Square Deal B, but I was only reloading pistol calibers.

I'd like a Turret Press Kit, but able to do both rifle and pistol.

I'm starting from scratch (again), so need to get it all, new or secondhand.

Is Lee ok, as it seems cheaper than the rest..?

Lyman T Mag looks good... or RCBS Turret..?

I'm baffled! Any pointers much appreciated:thumb:


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Can't comment on others but I have the lyman T mag ll.
And I like it a lot , had it for years too ...can't see me needing anything else



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If you go for the Lee (nothing wrong with it at all) go for the Classic Cast version, it's slightly higher and allows rifle calibres like 308 etc. to be loaded.

I'd keep away from the kits, get a decent powder thrower (the Lee Perfect Powder measure is very accurate and cheap) and a decent set of scales like the RCBS 5-0-5 or newer versions.

If you're loading rifle calibres I'd just go for a single stage press, again the Lee Cast Breechlock is excellent value.


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If you particularly want a turret press then either the Lyman or the RCBS presses you mentioned will serve you fine but the Lee turret was really designed with pistol rather than rifle in mind.


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The quality of Dillon is generally far better than Lee so I would try and have a look at one first before buying. I had one for a while many years ago but I sold it quite quickly and bought an RCBS press which I still have(for what that is worth!)


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Hi David,

I can only comment about my press which is the Redding T7 turret and I am really Impressed with it.

regards Neil.

David Nimrod

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I can only comment about my press which is the Redding T7 turret and I am really Impressed with it.
Cor, I'm getting more and more confused...

But the candidates seem to be (in no particular order):

Lee 4 Hole Classic Turret Press

Lyman T-Mag II

Redding T7

Dillon Square Deal B
(pistol only)

Dillon 550

RCBS Turret Press


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I use a 4 die Lee Turret press and load 6.5 x 55 and .35 Whelen in it with no hassles at all.
I also size down the 9.3 x 74mm cases to make the rimmed Whelen case.
I've sized down 7.62 Nato cases to make .234 Win brass, one stroke using castor oil as a lube.
My press is 35 years old at least, but has shown no sign of giving up.
One 4 die disc for each calibre means I don't have to keep screwing dies in and out.
Don't get Lee dies or powder scales.


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+1 on the Lee Classic Turret Press and the Perfect Powder Measure.
Dillon is also very good for a progressive press. Lee makes a higher end measure, but RCBS and Lyman are very good, old standards.
RCBS scales are very good. You need good scales before buying a powder measure.

The little Lee trimmers work very well, but if you are only loading a few calibers, or a mix of fired brass, you might want to buy a nice trimmer by RCBS, Lyman or Hornady.

Since you are only loading a few calibers, you might want to spend big money on a micrometer seating die, but I would suggest you start with a Lee 4-die set, first. They are good, simple to use, and you will end up buying a Factory Crimp Die and a neck sizing die sooner or later, anyway.


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A factory crimp die? Pistol rounds maybe?
I've reloaded for rifles for 37 years and never crimped a single round.
I shot F class for years using the 6mmBR and .223 Rem. Palm sized groups at 600m. Why crimp?

David Nimrod

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David the Dillon square deal is a progressive press not a turret press.
Ah, I stand corrected!

Anyway, I've now found a Lee 4 hole Classic Turret press...

CDSG will be delivering soon, and I look forward to cranking out the .357 :thumb:

crow juice

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I am using a Redding T-7 and it is very good. I have used the Lee classic cast turret as well and it is very good . I am not impressed with the slop in the Lyman and the RCBS . When I got my T-7 I was leaning towards a Lyman till I got my hands on one. Same for the RCBS. I'm sure both are fine but they seem to be loosely put together and just didn't feel as solid is the T-7 or the Lee.
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