Reloading data 6.5 PRC - Help


I'm new in reloading, and I need help with 6.5 PRC, vihtavuori powder and 140gr Hornady bullets. I can't find any reloading data, velocity, ...
I need solid advise please.

Savage 110 High Country with ACC MDT Chassis in 6.5 PRC

Heym SR20

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Google is your friend.

And here is some data published by Hornady

With the PRC you have two challenges

1) it is a pretty new cartridge so not a lot of load development work done.

2) It’s an American cartridge and they tend to use American powders - IMR, Hodgedon etc rather than European Vihtavuori and Norma.

Have a good look at the Viht website - they publish quite a bit of load data. Don’t know if they have Viht on there.


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I would start with 6.5-284 Vihtavuori data with the slower powders and work up. I would use Hornady data for COAL to start with.

Sorry not very exact but it will need a bit of fiddling due to the lack of Viht data.