Sako 85 Preferred .308 Round


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A question if I may please gents; has anyone with a Sako 85 had any issues with the Sako Gamehead 150g or found an alternative brand or variety an even better option with the 85? Any direct experience greatly appreciated (and I don't wish to home load, as I only take a handful of deer a year for the table) :tiphat:

For background, my first rifle was a Sako A7 in .243 and I settled on Sako Gamehead 90g as the most accurate option aside from Hornady Ballistic Tips, which I really didn't fancy for Roe given the prospective meat damage.

Second time round, my heart is set on a Sako 85 Synthetic Black in .308. Primary use for Roe and fox, the odd Fallow and perhaps a very rare outing for Red. I was very happy with the .243 and Sako Gamehead 90g for Roe and fox previously, but this time around, aside from adding a .22 LR in due course, this will be my one and only rifle and I would rather have the capability and flexibility of the .308 for larger deer. If I can be reasonably sure Sako Gamehead 150g should work well, it will save the nause of testing multiple brands alongside each other to find what the rifle prefers best. Of course, always open to the benefit of greater experience.


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Testing's essential. I've recently acquired a 308. Ed Bewsher's Fox ammo shoots very nicely. Federal powershok shoots well and AMax home loaded rounds shoot well. RWS match ammo shoots well too. I try out the ammunition I fancy and see how it goes. That's all any of us can do.




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i had the sako 85 synthetic black when first came out 2014 mine shot the federal powershok 150grn fantastically accurate ammo i used on red and roe very happy with the performance of this round and a good price if i remember was £24 a box


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Search for one of my previous threads. I’ve hs a few Sako 85s that simply wouldn’t shoot. My current Sako 85 will only shoot decent groups 123gr gamehead.

Having said that, it shoots the Gamehead very well, and I’ve taken 98kg highland Reds no bother with it.

If you have the light 20” fluted barrel like me, I was told by by someone well respected that they don’t like heavy loads at all.


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I reload for my Sako 85 in .308 but, in factory ammunition, it shoots very well with Norma Nosler 150gn BSTs.

However, this doesn't indicate at all that they would work well in your rifle. There are no shortcuts: think you are going to have to get testing, I'm afraid.

Best of luck.



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I usually reload for all my rifles but interestingly I bought a few boxes of PPU 150gr SP to practice with and boy do they shoot well out of it and they where less than £20 a box, have been using them recently with great success on reds and sika one word brilliant if I do my bit of course.


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Thanks everso much gents, clearly no shortcuts, I'm grateful for the benefit of your experience :tiphat:

It's still a little premature, but am slowly thinking everything through and looking forwards with great anticipation to the day the certificates land on the doormat again.

paul o'

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Mine liked my home loads 150Gr pro hunters it also like factory 180gr Samson I still have some in my RFD'S stores


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What twist is your barrel. ( I'm no expert) but my tikka with a light hunting barrel is 1:10. I tried sako 123g as far as I remember as I moved up from the 243 cal. The 150 grain sst superformance and 150 grain ppu ( pure *****), neither the 123 or 150 grouped well in my rifle. Tried 155 grain amax tap hornady and are perfect. I've read the heavier round can suit the 1:10 and it's seems to stand up from what I've tried. Thinking of moving up to the heavier eld X hornady round.


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I’ve found in my Sako 85, that the federal power shock 150gr seems a great choice straight out the box option.