Sauer switch barrel 7x64


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Ok here goes ,seeking your experience ,under no circumstances do I wish to start a argument regarding suitable calibers,I'm at the time of my life were I'm going to try and do the things I know if I don't do now I'll never do, ok decided the sauer is for me being switch barrel will allow me to keep my .243 but I would love to go and have a go at the driven boar in Europe ,also the reds in Scotland ,all I need to know from the forum members who have the experience of this cal is it suitable? Many thanks in advance have shot 30.06 and .270.


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I love my 7x64. I think it's way more flexible than the 270, shooting bullets up to circa 173gn.

I have used it for stalking Red hinds, boar, and shooting them from high stands at night, but not for driven. I have loaded the Norma Oryx 156gn, and it does a very good job.

I use a 300wm, or 9.3's for driven, so if I considered the 7x64, I'd certainly be looking at the heaviest bullet it would throw accurately.


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Do you reload ? If you do you probably will never use the the 243 again. I use 100gr. Sierra Varminters for fox and 150gr. SBT gameking for Roe and Reds. Possibly a bit heavy for Roe but they don't run far. Boringly consistent. Never had a go at Boar but been told by someone who has that the Nosler 175gr. partitions will do the job.

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7x64 is readily available on the continent. Less recoil than the 30-06 but with the 173gn plenty of thump for boar, yet still flat enough shooting for hill Stags.

In the U.K. ammo is reasonabley available, but be prepared to buy several boxes at a time.

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And most boar are not much over 50 to 60kg and a 308 with 150g bullets is widely used.

But every now and then something much much bigger comes along. Biggest I have seen was nearly 300kg larder weight!


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I have a Sauer in 30-06 and it does everything I need it for. I load 150gr bullets for all UK game and 165gr for Africa and boar. 30-06 ammunition is readily available almost anywhere