Sauer switch barrel 7x64


Ok here goes ,seeking your experience ,under no circumstances do I wish to start a argument regarding suitable calibers,I'm at the time of my life were I'm going to try and do the things I know if I don't do now I'll never do, ok decided the sauer is for me being switch barrel will allow me to keep my .243 but I would love to go and have a go at the driven boar in Europe ,also the reds in Scotland ,all I need to know from the forum members who have the experience of this cal is it suitable? Many thanks in advance have shot 30.06 and .270.


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I love my 7x64. I think it's way more flexible than the 270, shooting bullets up to circa 173gn.

I have used it for stalking Red hinds, boar, and shooting them from high stands at night, but not for driven. I have loaded the Norma Oryx 156gn, and it does a very good job.

I use a 300wm, or 9.3's for driven, so if I considered the 7x64, I'd certainly be looking at the heaviest bullet it would throw accurately.


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Do you reload ? If you do you probably will never use the the 243 again. I use 100gr. Sierra Varminters for fox and 150gr. SBT gameking for Roe and Reds. Possibly a bit heavy for Roe but they don't run far. Boringly consistent. Never had a go at Boar but been told by someone who has that the Nosler 175gr. partitions will do the job.