Scope age?


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Anyone know how I can find out the age of a scope? It reads GERMANY PECAR BERLIN CHAMPION 6x45, serial number A2453G
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Definitely a wrong one if it says Picar. :lol:
Scotty I think you hit the wrong key it should be PECAR and not Picar.

I can guarantee one thing and that is that it was manufactured prior to 2007/8 which is when Pecar went out of business. I think the champion line of scopes were first manufactured in the mid 1970s but I may well be wrong on that. Pecar had a reputation for producing excellent optics in their day.
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Give Paul Burke a call - he knows all about Pecar scopes, and he's the man to go to if you ever need it serviced or repaired. Call him on 0121 788 1050.


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The CH-S series were around early 80s as I topped one on my first fullbore rifle.

There were 2 versions the CH-S and non-CH-S - the difference being you could change the reticle on the CH-S series. I never tried but think it was by undoing the windage/elevation saddle on the scopes.

Mine is still performing on a friends rifle after serving me well for some 15yrs. I may still have the instructions - will root around and let you know.