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Hi has anyone on here been told they have to be registered as a food busines with the council to sell to game dealers. we have dsc2 but have been informed we have to register. We are in cumbria. It doesnt cost anything to register as a food business but environmental health have to do an inspection.


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I was under the impression that you only need to register with the Council as a food business if you are selling meat direct to the pubic !!
I have sold carcasses to my game dealer without being registered !
Can somebody clarify this please.


Yes Disco Richy
Thats what the environmental health office sent me and I have now registered.
But most other people I have spoken to are not aware of this.


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As far as I can remember, in Scotland, it has something to do with the number of carcasses per year. Someone will know

Monkey Spanker

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Christ, I can't believe how many times this has been covered on here, and yet it is very basic knowledge as taught on the DSC 1 course!
YES!!! You do have to be registered as a Food Business in England to be able to sell deer to an Approved Game Handling Establishment (AGHE).
It's clearly laid out in the Wild Game Handling guide in the links in the above posts. This guide was updated last year, but this area of the guide remains unchanged from the previous version. The only exception to this is if you sell deer in their fur to the final consumer, or retailer supplying the final consumer.
Lack of understanding of basic knowledge such as this is exactly why a basic level of training should be compulsory!
Scotland is slightly different though.
This is nothing new, and yet some experienced folk seem unaware of it which I find astounding!:confused:

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I find it quite strange as there is a large dealer in South Linc's who takes carcasses regularly from local stalkers who don't even have any form of paperwork. This has been going on for years.