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jon 12

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Would like to post a quick message regarding my resent trip to South Africa,I hunted with Settlers Safaris which is situated approximately 30km from Grahamstown.
As a stalker with 20 years plus experience of stalking in the UK with the odd boar trip to Serbia,I was looking for something special to do for an up and coming anniversary(yes I took the wife with me) and birthday.I started looking around at the begining of the year and realised there was a mass of outfitters/agents avaliable offering various packages and special deals.This in itself was very daunting and I think has put me off in the past.
After many hours on the internet and a few phone calls I gave Adrian aka Safari Hunter of the Stalking Directory a call ( who is the UK contact/agent for Settlers Safaris), he could not have been more helpfull and I decided to ask him to put a cull package together for me also including activities for my wife whilst I was shooting and and joint excursions on non shooting days.
To say I was very pleased with the service given by both Adrian and Settlers Safaris is an understatement,every thing from booking of the flights to the meet and greet at the airports was done for us.
As for the stalking/hunting,this was very exciting and a complete new experience which was made more enjoyable by my ph Sheldon who is an extremely knowledgeable and interesting person who was obviously very passionate about his sport.It was so enjoyable that I increased my cull package by a few amimals and also took a trophy animal at a very reasonable price.
The accommodation was excellent which was managed very professionally by Sheldons wife,who also undertakes all the cooking/hosting duties.
All told this was a fantastic experience which I will definitely be looking at doing again,the only thing is that the wife is now hooked on Africa as well!!!

Cheers Jon

Mr B

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Presume this should say Trip, not Tripod! I was getting excited at the prospect of an alternative to the spartan!


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I’ve hunted with with settlers safaris excellent my friend who bow hunts invited me to go with him we’re going again in a couple of months can’t wait


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Glad you enjoyed it. I went with them last year as well and would agree with your comments, well priced, great assistance from Adrian when planning and a very knowledgeable PH (Sheldon) who went out of his way to make the trip very enjoyable.


jon 12

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I had such a great time last year with Settler’s Safari that I booked to go back this year but it doesn’t look good, 🤞
I am the same ,would have been my third time,I think we were out there the same time, second week in June.. fingers crossed it can still happen or change to a later date.