Wanted: Shooting opportunities in East Midlands


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Hi guys.

Just moved to Nottingham direction and hoping to find some local shooting. Deer syndicate would be very nice but unrealistic at this stage so even any accompanied would work.
Much appreciated James.


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It’s pretty limited for stalking in Nottinghamshire. Apart from very few estates which are very much tied up, there is not many deer, and what there is people don’t want shot because there is so few which can obviously be appreciated.

I travel to Norfolk / Cotswolds / Yorkshire / Scotland

Even localish paid Stalking is questionable as to whether it’s worth it. I’ve been to one reputable stalker over 10 times and only had one opportunity even presented to pull the trigger. You are better off traveling further than a couple of hours away unfortunately.


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Yeah cheers for the help.
Currently traveling Herefordshire direction so not to far. Be nice to have a bit more on the doorstep though.