Spartan Bipods?

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I like the concept but also understand the fear of losing a set.

I recall someone posted on here asking us to keep an eye out on Bisley's Century range for a set that had ben left behind. I was on site at 07:30hrs the next day as it coincided with a shoot at the BSRC range and spent 1hr looking in all the ditches from 100 back to 400 yards but never found them.

you can get holsters for them. I carry mine in a MOLLE pouch designed for assault rifles and firmly attached to my Vorn pack


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Cheers guys. Lots of helpful feedback here. Certainly enough marmite responses to keep me from forking out for now. I’ll have a look at the tier one. At least with the Harris I can set it fairly quickly and it’s familiar. Just a shame about the weight


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I found exactly the same as you. Most annoying was the rifle canting then falling over. I ordered a lever lock to tighten it up but it was too much of a hassle. Sold both of my Spartans (1 tall and 1 short) and reverted to my 20 year old never fail Harris.
Exactly this, shame because the potential is/was there but just not as easy to use (or as durable and steady) compared to my Harris.
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