stalking area size?


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Just to add to the above, about 1:3 trips the wind, backstop and deer coincide to offer a safe shot and I get to take a deer. Last time out there were strong northerlys and again it was around freezing, I knew almost for sure where the deer would be, stalked in at first light and sure enough I picked up 2!

(also apologies for any errors in first post I had a 5 and 3 year old climbing on me)
and put me in the crows nest upwind of a pair :p Damn but that highseat moves in a gale o_O:lol:

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bring some Dramamine :p just as well the bloke who built the seat got his sums right on the structural stuff :lol:
The only calculation was think how big a part needs to be then triple its size to make sure. Mind you that's all structural engineers do but to a factor of 5!!


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In the Uk we don't really hunt over feeders, blinds or highseats are used but most stalking is active, when a d how we stalk depends a lot on the species Roe for example are hunted mainly at dawn and dusk and a outing will normally be
about three hours we can hunt a little longer than you can at either end of the day one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset, which can be a problem in itself as here in Scotland in the north in particular it ever gets completely dark
around midsummer and it would be possible to see to shoot well after the legal cut of point.,but the law is the law.
Much of the stalking in Scotland is hill stalking, mountain really but we don't call them mountains in Scotland they are all hills
This is active stalking you will often spot your intended target as much a couple of miles away and make your approach
using the contours of the land ( there are no trees ) except for perhaps the odd isolated one which deer or sheep have been unable to reach due to the terrain.
This type of stalking has a more leisurely start than woodland stalking normally around 9 or 9.30 am after a good breakfast you will spend all day on the hill aiming to be off before dark to easy to sustain an injury on the hill after dark.
A normal could entail walking ten miles or so over rugged terrain, this type of stalking requires a degree of fitness.
While many stalkers have small areas to hunt on thats not always the case while I was working full time I was responsible for 72,000 acres Deer stalker was my occupation more or less what you would call a guide.
Even now retired and working part time I still look after a little in excess of 20,000 acres
There are many hunting areas of a similar size , to class all hunting areas in the Uk as small is rather misleading.