Synthetic stock make over

Chill 123

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Hi All
I own a rather tired looking Sako 75 stock .Is there anything I could paint it with to improve its looks ?


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I know of a gun smith who has used plasticote stone effect spray paints to good effect on tired rimmy stocks, leaves a textured grippy finish. Not my cuppa tea but seems to work great for the little cost.

jimmy milnes

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I once used self etch primer followed by a rattle can of black truck bed spray.. gave a hard wearing textured finish that didn't look over bad


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I've done numerous stocks and rifles in the past with krylon rattle can, if done right can look good and depending on how hard you are on your rifles the finish will last a while. A top coat of Matt varnish applied with a lint free cloth can help too.

Depending if you want a grippy panel on the pistol grip and fore-end this can be achieved with no nails ;) a taped off area with approx 2-3mm deep of no nails and using a ruler or something similar 'pat' the area to give it an artex look, then remove tape once happy and allow to dry completely. The sharp points will brush off leaving a good panel of grip. An old BSA Superten got that treatment.


The Rapid 12 .25 got similar and a net camo effect

The HMR got the latest paint job

Anything I can help with fire me a PM buddy