Time to get Proactive???


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It’s never too late,

We have a voice through the shooting institutions, that is our best way to get our message through

BASC, CA NGO BDS whoever steps in the breech now will need OUR support 100% this is serious and we all need to support and also give time and money to catch up on education for youngsters and new people to field sports
Blend field sports into every day life

Advertise to non field sports people in the uk WHAT we do for all wildlife, the training we do, how we care for wildlife our positive aims to manage our wildlife for the future

Generate a positive outlook and the way WE operate to manage our wildlife, if we just keep whinging and moaning and do nothing that’s exactly what we will end up with NOTHING

Proactive - get our backside into gear and fly the flag and get a positive image out there for people to adhere to, I don’t remember anyone saying it’s going to be easy. We need to get going right now, we have a lot to lose

This how I see it, we have had it too good for too long and we’ve been allowed to find our own level, times change and we all need to pull together or face the dyer consequences, stating “I’m not getting trained up” and not trying to to improve is a I’m alright jack attitude or create a negative attitude to joe public - don’t know what that has achieved - perhaps diddly squat is the right word - we are in danger of having serious restrictions placed on all field sports

The opposition are streets ahead of us - let’s get our act together pretty sharpish, they might have won a major battle a couple of weeks ago but it doesn’t mean they won the war

I honestly don’t know what to do or the answer, but what I do know for one I will be out there supporting the cause as normal to give a fair view of what field sports contribute to our countryside and the Way it’s managed

Not a rant, I don’t do negative.