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Hi all I am going to America shortly and I'm hoping to pick up a few shooting related items. 1 of which is a Tipton cleaning rod which I may pre order does anyone know what length would be suitable for my sake 85 with a 20 inch barrel.
I was thinking the 26 inch model but I don't know if they measure the rod or the overall length including the handle.
Any help appreciated cheers


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The length indication refers to the rod only. The handle is not included in the measurement.

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Just add a foot to your barrel that will do it go carbon as the stainless ones if a guide is't used could damage the chamber I gift wrapped my 36"stainless one and posted it along with the tips and patches , it arrived week after I got home this saved all the pain and jobs worth getting a hard on at the airport over a stick in a tube ??
PS while at the shop place rod on a flat top and rotate it as some tipton's have a fault the brass ends are wonky and not glued/welded on in a perfect line.
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They are about £35 from Norman Clarke, so not sure how much you are hoping to save.

My tip, from when I bought mine there, I was thinking that I needed two, one for .223, another for .308. The knowledgeable man explained that the 22-26 rod carbon fibre rod was quite stiff enough to use for the .30 calibres as well, so no need to buy a second 27-45 cal. one as well. I mean, it's just a rod, doesn't have to be sized to the bore, sure it might snake a little if you are pushing through a very tight patch, but otherwise it's just a rod, and much stiffer than anything made of metal, nevermind those horrible Parker Hale jobs with their yucky plastic coating. You can't bend them either, unlike metal, they just spring back.

There is I think a crossover between them at these sizes, the threading is different, but they supply adaptors, even including Tipton>Parker Hale threads so you can use easily available brushes etc.

You need the rod to be long enough to go through the rear of the receiver, ideally via a bore-guide, then down the barrel, then a few inches sticking out so the brush or jag pokes well out of the end. The handle might foul on your stock, depending on the shape, so best to get one longer than you might think, and future-proof yourself in case you get a longer rifle in future. An extra few inches won't hurt.

The Tipton spearpoint jags are excellent, the patches fit perfectly, you can even re-use them (wash in a bra bag) or make your own out of thin cotton fabric cut into squares.

An excellent rod IME.

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Thanks for the replies I don't think there will be many big bargains in America with the exchange rate as it is but it will give me an excuse to spend a bit of time at Bass Pro and other gun shops to have a mouch around.