Vinyl Friday


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On the other hand I have been beating and my little dog had a great time and she even retrieved a couple of was maybe not an unqualified success...she put it up, saw it shot and then went down to the gun line to get it....watched by all the guns and the pickers up....ho hum...the other one was lost down a bank in the bramble thicket but at least she was asked to look for that one!

A good day...



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John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers...Room to move…

always loved the bit at 2.50 when the harmonica comes back in…bit like the mandolin by Rory Gallagher in Goin’ to my Hometown…



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Osibisa Woyaya

These were down the side panel of the Byzantium page, the Magna Carta artwork reminded and prompted me to look for Osibisa

Magna Carta Father John

Bronco Well anyhow

So many excellent tunes already listed .

The Rezillos - Destination Venus or Somebody's gonna get their head kicked in tonite.

Iggy Pop - Candy (Kate Piersons' vocals !)

The Cramps - You've got good taste

Muse - Psycho

So many more to choose from.
Excellent thread .

R.I.P. Pete Shelley