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Edith Piaf La Vie En Rose

Edith Piaf Non, je ne regrette rien

From the sublime to the gorblimey...

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band Urban Spaceman



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Brilliant track from an exceptional albumn. My best mate and I were buying jeans up "World's End" in Chelsea back in 1972 and the very hip shop owner put the while album on his shop P.A... Being a tad erm..'worse for wear, but NOT drunk" - well it was King's Road in the early 70s after all - we managed to extract from the D.J. Shop owner what the album was and following a pair of jeans each we made it hot foot to the nearest big record store (quite near the jeans shop I seem to recall) and we each bought a copy of this record. We never looked back and this singular episode started a long and continuous love affair for us both with Steely Dan output!!..

Nice pick there 'K' ....

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If you need a fix of bluesy sax then lay back and listen to this gem. Theres harmonica that will drill you.

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Firstly this is seriously impressive and tasteful programming by BBC Radio 3.

Secondly I hadn't realised until tonight that James MacMillan had been knighted but so glad they got it right for once!

A former tenant still has my CD copy of JM's "The Confessions of Isobel Gowdie" which I've not forgiven!




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To pick up on a couple of themes:
A tune that comes to mind when I'm grinding my coffee, or doing some deep-sea diving, or boiling cabbage and bacon. Still not sure what the song's about, however.

This one, also from Miss Smith, is a lot clearer. I find it remarkably life-affirming: perhaps simple tastes are most satisfactory as they are most easily satisfied. A pig-foot and a bottle of beer... and I wouldn't pay 25c to get in noWHEAH either. Thirty years ago perhaps - but not nowadays.

I think the Urban Spaceman deserves the era-congruent video. 1968, eh - what?



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I had the pleasure of seeing Carlos live,wonderful and this track Europa is a good example of his guitar skills.