What do you do with spare rounds?


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Depends on the rifle, and also how much you want to invest in kit for occasional driven boar trips.

Spare magazine is one option, having a rifle sling or belt which holds additional rounds is another. When I went a couple of years back I just loaded one up the spout, three in the mag and then had a pocket full of loose rounds. Once I'd pinged off 2-3 shots I'd pop the mag out and refill it.

Since then I've bought a Marlin 1895 GBL in .45-70 which I would absolutely take next time. It has a side loading tube magazine which holds 6 so you can just feed more in really easily. I would absolutely get a belt which held ammo as well so the ammo was easily to hand.
I’ve got a SBL and seem to remember when I was using it in France was asked what the magazine capacity was a comment was made about it not being legal to hunt with. So bear in mind where you hunt, may have a magazine capacity restriction


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If I have any Spare ammunition at the end of a hunt I usually give it to any of the local hunters that I have befriended.
If it is a lot, I offer it for sale over there or bring it back :)

Heym SR20

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When using my double, i keep a belt pouch of ten rounds on my belt, and on the sling I have two rounds. I load two from my belt pouch, and put another two or three in my handwarmer pocket or wedged into a crack on the stand if there is one.

If using a bolt action - fill the mag and have a couple spare and top up after each shot. My 7x57 has five in the mag and I load One straight into the chamber.


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1 + 3 should be plenty but a spare magazine
Is useful. Although a fast moving sport,a well placed shot is the aim ,rather than fire power. A left and right at wild boar is enough excitement for one stand.....well it is for me.


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I have a 410 shotgun cartridge belt for spare ammo for the .444 . I also have 2 8 shot mags for the 3006 along with a couple rounds on a stock holder.
I dumped 6 shots for 4 pigs in a train once and another round to finish one off. I could have shot the whole 12 in the train if i had shot the first 2 lead sows first though.
Always better to have plenty of ammo at hand rather than fiddling about on your peg looking for ammo in boxes as once your on your peg you should be Hot and the less noise movement you make the better !! lock and Load :tiphat:


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When I am on the post, I load my magazine and put one in the chamber, I also have five loose in my jacket pocket and the rest in reserve in my bag.
As I use them I top up, initially from my pocket and then during a quiet spell from my bag back to my pocket.
Any spare ones at the end of a hunt I either give to one of the locals that uses the same calibre, 30-06, or if I have several, I either offer them for sale or bring them home.


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2-3, 3-4 shots per drive on average ! THAT, would be a top hunt ! Even Wild Boar Fever is cut, and edited, and we just get to see the best, let alone just how good the hunters are !

A really good hunt, say 100 boar, over 4 days, 12 hunters = 25 /day, roughly 2 boar per gun, but that's a GOOD hunt.

Most will be maybe 30-50 boar, 3 days, 12 guns, taking 40 as the average, works out at a tad over 1 boar a day.

So however you look at it, 2-4 shots a drive, is bloody good, unless you're a trigger happy Rambo wanabe ;)

Worst drives, never hear, or see a boar, best drive (€125.00 Monteria) 9 boar for 14 shots, and two of those were follow ups, for humane dispatch, where my placement was poor.
We shoot 20 guns, 3 drives in a day, normally get 25+ boar and some deer; sometimes 10; its a good family shoot. But the boar don‘t drop down on their own: they need some assistance!

These are the two ways I carry spare rounds:


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Thanks all. Following the advice on here I’ve ordered a Snipers Cheekpiece from Hunters for starters to see how I get on with it.

The rifle is a 9.3x74R regulated for 232g Norma Vulkan. Now just need the BSRC to open to get some practice in...