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Hi Morena, I have the book, I purchased it from the BDS about 6 months ago. It is a very good book I will agree there, and I have refered back to it on numerous occassions whilst training my Bavarian.

I shall take him up to the highlands this coming year for the first time on Sika, cant wait to see his reaction when he hits the ground on these deer.


Hi All,
Totally agree with Mark "Enjoy the dog first and worry about the breed later" !
Thar, that is a good looking dog !
Two points , based on my personal experience with my GSP, I don't think he would have been happy as a kenneled dog , but is brilliant as part of the family.
He does differentiate between a bash at the pheasants and stalking. Normally he's on the lead when slowly stalking up , then just sits still if I go for a crawl or up into a seat.
Last week I took him into a deer park where they want the fallow knobbers taking out. I thought he was going to self destruct when a line of 40 odd fallow went passed him, definitely system overload, I wont take him there again.