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  1. Sold: Bavarian Mountain Hound Pups

    Mine went for 1000-1200 each. All delivered yerterday and every single person which received one were over the moon with them.
  2. Wanted: Syndicate / ground around dundee

    Hi does anyone know of any stalking syndicates or available ground near dundee? Or even anyone looking a hand with cull numbers. Looking on behalf of my brother. He just wants the odd roe doe for the freezer and to get out for a day now and again without the wife! Hes 30 this year. .308 on...
  3. Sold: Bavarian Mountain Hound Pups

    Pups now all sold. Thanks to all who shown interest. I've had that many enquiries I can't even remember how many went through here. But I've all names numbers and contacts and deposit details so do not fret. Eye opener in the work involved being my first litter. Won't be doing again in a hurry...
  4. Sold: Bavarian Mountain Hound Pups

    video-1601847570.mp4 Wee video wife took of them. Got a moments break from the rain yesterday to let them out for a we runabout
  5. Sold: Bavarian Mountain Hound Pups

    Only 1 dog remaining. 5 weeks old on Monday coming. 8weeks vaccine on 26th. If mainland bound I'm travelling with all on the 1st November. Starting in stranraer and meeting most in Liverpool. Cost for travel ATM is roughly 40-50 per dog (need to do final calculation) but it's no more than 50...
  6. Sold: Bavarian Mountain Hound Pups

    Another dog away. Last two available. Dogs now all on raw venison mince with powder puppy milk mix. Weaning off the powder and adding wet dried food in with the mince this week. 4 weeks old on Monday
  7. Sold: Leica CRF 1200

    I'll take this please Andrew
  8. Wanted: Leica Magnus or Leica Fortis 6

    intreging? any further information regarding?
  9. Sold: Bavarian Mountain Hound Pups

    Last bitch deposit taken. 3x dogs left £1000 each. 200 deposit secures.
  10. Sold: Schmidt & Bender PM1 3-12x50

    If doesn't sell can I have 2nds please
  11. Sold: Bavarian Mountain Hound Pups

    Anyone interested just want to add I will likely be transporting the pups myself and trying to schedule to meet everyone at Liverpool docks on the one day. This will keep the transport costs down for everyone.
  12. Wanted: swarovski. s&b or similar quality scope

    Hi, I'm after a good 2ND hand scope. Preference to a z6 but would also be interested in all Swarovski, s&b or similar quality. It's going to be a gap filler for a leica Magnus or z6i for my stalking rifle then eventually find its permanent home on my 22-250. No fixed mag scopes.preferred mag...
  13. Sold: Schmidt & Bender PM1 3-12x50

    What tube size is the pm1?
  14. Sold: Schmidt and bender PM2 4-16

    Is it 30mm?
  15. Sold: Bavarian Mountain Hound Pups

    They are a good strong healthy litter. Couldn't be happier with how they have turned out. will be hard to let them go tbh. Will be some fine dogs made from them.