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  1. BSA 222 factory muzzle brake - noise?

    BSA did make a special fitment to cover the muzzle brake slots, however I have never seen one. I have attached the link to John Knibbs site and checked the BSA rifle spares listed. Unfortunately that part is not listed.
  2. Pulsar DNV Battery Double Pack Problem

    Spot on :thumb: and to top it off, the distributors will not supply a new charger without the two batteries as well. They will supply batteries but they cost as much as the batteries and charger anyway. Poor show and arrogant in my view. The next piece of thermal kit that I buy wont be a...
  3. Pulsar DNV Battery Double Pack Problem

    For anyone else thinking of buying this piece of kit, I have one piece of advice...…. DONT ! My neighbour (REME trained) has tested Nugs' charger/batteries and my duff battery. Nugs' charger is defective. It is a sealed unit and cannot be repaired. The good news is that they are a common...
  4. hiatus hernia

    Our son suffered badly from this for several years. The only effective resolution was surgery, which was a complete success and he has never looked back.
  5. Wanted: Part-trained Labrador

    Thank you very much for posting this Dexter :tiphat: . My Labrador bitch is nearly 8, which is usually the time when I start thinking of a puppy. However avoiding all the problems associated with a pup etc. is attractive. Buying a two year old trained dog would also allow me to 'kick the can...
  6. Pulsar DNV Battery Double Pack Problem

    That's a new one on me. What result does it achieve please ? Do you have a link you could post ?
  7. Pulsar DNV Battery Double Pack Problem

    I would be pleased to charge and test them for you. :tiphat: Send me a pm if you would like me to do so. Sounds like we have been sold a pi$$ poor piece of kit, which is a shame as the XQ30V Lite is ideal for woodland stalking. Thomas Jacks and Pulsar should step up and put this right...……...
  8. Pulsar DNV Battery Double Pack Problem

    Definitely not a charger problem here Nugs. Lights work as they should and it charges the other battery properly. Duff battery. :confused: As I already have some good rechargeable AAAs and a charger, I can use them in the battery cradle as back-up.
  9. Pulsar DNV Battery Double Pack Problem

    Ten minutes into our walk and scanning the fields when the thermal shut down with flat battery. It went from almost full charge to flat so clearly defective. £70+ for two batteries and a charger is expensive, so not good enough. :(
  10. Pulsar DNV Battery Double Pack Problem

    Today I have tried charging the battery again and putting it in the thermal. Today it seems to be holding its charge. Going out to walk the dog now its stopped raining so will take it with me and see what happens. Strange. Reaction to defects from Thomas Jacks as experienced by others doesn't...
  11. Pulsar DNV Battery Double Pack Problem

    Last autumn I bought the DNV double battery pack and charger for my XQ30V Lite. I used my thermal and the batteries regularly throughout the winter and they performed very well. They had little use through this summer but I kept them charged. One of the batteries now appears defective as it...
  12. Sold: Nikon D300 + 2 lens + carry bag

    Camera kit delivered as arranged and exactly as described. Thank you :thumb: :tiphat:.
  13. Sold: Nikon D300 + 2 lens + carry bag

    Evidently you do this:- Nikon Shutter Count or this Don't be fooled into thinking that I know what I'm talking about though. I got this from a very good friend who is a photographer. :) :tiphat:
  14. Sold: Nikon D300 + 2 lens + carry bag

    I'm tempted. What's the shutter count please ?
  15. Suzuki jimny thoughts?

    I had a Jimny for several years. A trailer is essential for stalking as, even with the rear seats removed, the load space is very small. Space for the dog, boots, coat etc. but not much else. If two persons, dog and kit carried, that is plenty. I also used a roof rack to carry my portable...