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  1. Forming .260 from .243 Brass

    You did warn me regarding the 'doughnut' at the time Laurie. I thought that I had got away with it until I tried to load the cartridges into the rifle, then found they wouldn't fit. I enjoyed all the trials and testing but have used Lapua or Barnes .260 brass for several years now.
  2. Forming .260 from .243 Brass

    This is an old thread and things have moved on considerably for me since then. I too got the doughnut trouble with all European brass that I tried. The American brands were all fine though. Our member Sinistral and I did some experimenting with lots of different brass to establish the reason...
  3. A Question For Our Airgun Members

    Thank you all very much for the responses. I am very pleasantly surprised that I should be able to get around 150 shots from a 200 bar fill. I will keep my eye open for a spare 280cc or a 400cc bottle. Something else I have learned is that the 7 and 12 shot magazines are interchangeable too...
  4. A Question For Our Airgun Members

    No gauge on the rapid. It is a tack-driver from the very first shot after filling the bottle. What I have never tried is to shoot it until the power and/or point of impact drops off.
  5. A Question For Our Airgun Members

    I have a Theoben Rapid 12, in .22 calibre. It is unregulated and has the 280cc bottle. How many full power shots per fill can I reasonably expect ? What happens in a non regulated rifle as the buddy bottle starts to empty? Do the shots gradually loose velocity or will it cut off at a...
  6. Watch a live broadcast Christian church service tomorrow without leaving home - or listen to podcasts any time, on any subject A short and unusual read. Even the reviews seem as polemical as this thread.
  7. Maltese slaughter rare birds

    Just to pick up on one or two points made. Malta, like most other liberal democracies has a variety of partisan press, the majority of which print partisan garbage for consumption by the party faithful and credulous. They just have different names than The Mail or The Guardian. Beautiful...
  8. Maltese slaughter rare birds

    I have been a regular visitor for the past twenty years. Malta and its people are a delight in so many ways. Malta has a very serious problem with illegal shooting and taking of birds, compounded by poor/no enforcement and institutional evasions of European law. It suffers from rampant...
  9. Country Covers Club Shooting Insurance

    Has anyone any experience of dealing with Country Covers Club for shooting insurance ? Particularly interested in customer service, especially experience when making a claim. Its renewal time so I am looking around. None of our orgs have exactly covered themselves in glory so reluctant to pay...
  10. Shooterking trousers

    I would be very interested in any informed responses, as I have the Greenland trousers. I am very pleased with them, however they are too warm for warmer weather.
  11. Very new to all this technology, but we are Simpson Brothers Gunshop and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Highly recommended. Excellent quality service. Even a highly skilled gunsmith full time present on the premises. :thumb: :tiphat:
  12. Locating A Painting For Historical Research

    Yes the Black Mill is the one shown on the skyline in Heathcote's painting. :thumb:
  13. 8 gauge

    Nothing in 8 bore comes cheap as I found out years ago with several large dents in my wallet. :) The Remington industrial cases take quite a lot of pressure to resize for use in a shotgun. I used to go a friend's engineering works and use the bearings press to save on blisters. The Canadian...
  14. Locating A Painting For Historical Research

    That is exactly right. :thumb: Yaxley, South of Peterborough, Cambs. There was a Napoleonic musket range associated with Norman Cross on the mill site from 1797 to 1814. The mill dates from 1773 and stood until 1875. We have recently published a booklet all proceeds from which are being...