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    Hello - novice looking to learn

    Hi Everyone, My name is Adam, from Surrey. I've done target shooting since school but only got my FAC last year so still building my armoury (currently .22, .308 and Section 1 shotgun). I'm close to Bisley so I try to get as much range time as possible to get my (target) shooting skills up to...
  2. B

    Hi all

    Hi all, Ben here, I'm new to stalking and have just got my firearms ticket through so will be buying my first rifle soon. I have permission near Huddersfield and York, both very different permissions one is hilly ground with a good head of roe whereas the other is flat as a pancake with some...
  3. J

    Hello, I'm a rookie looking to get into hunting/stalking.

    Hello anyone who reads this. Posting here partly because it's a good idea for someone in my situation, and mainly because it is obligatory in site rules (I joke :D). Firstly I'll start of with a brief background on why I have signed up for this forum. I have recently returned back home after...
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    Moderator Advice

    Looking for some advice. I bought a few years ago a tikka t3 .243 with an ASE, jetz mod stamped .30....but also has had 25-06 and .243 proof stamps. I have had my variation approved for a .30-06 and have ordered a tikka t3x hunter screw cut, assuming the moderator screws on with no trouble...
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    Hawke scopes? Has any try these or have any experience with them???

    Hi SD peeps Does anyone have strong feelings about the use of Hawke Scopes, I have enough budget to get a basic leupold/ziess but am i just paying for the name at the lower end of market?? Hawke Optics UK | Hawke Riflescopes Thanks Bladerunner
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    Syndicate - what is good value

    Hi, I have never been part of a syndicate but will need to consider it if I am to expand my stalking. What represents good value and what to be wary of, can somebody offer me some advice?
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    Evening my intro.

    Hi, Im Steve, recently just finished a full career in the Army and started deer stalking 2 years ago. I'm fortunate to be good friends with Tony from South Ayrshire Deer Stalking. I have used his 308 Tikka T3 lite and I am more than comfortable with this rifle. I have already shot red, fallow...
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    Good Afternoon Everybody

    Good afternoon (depending on what time you are reading this) I am Tom, i am 26 and i have been shooting both rifles and shotguns from an early age. Unlike most right handed people i have a LEFT master eye so therefore taught my self to shoot off my left shoulder with both rifle and shotgun...
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    Anyone near Glasgow ...?

    Hi everyone, this site has been recommended to me by a friend. I'm new to stalking (have completed a couple of accompanied stalks recently) but am not new to rifles (7 years in the army) or fields ports (a lifetime of pigeon shooting, rabbiting of all kinds and fly-fishing). I'm just starting...
  10. M

    HWV - FalconGreen Gundogs ?

    Does anyone have advice on this breeder of working HWVs please. I notice other breeders (Gonegos for instance) have feedback on the internet, though FalocnGreen do not. Any advice garetfully received.
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    Introduction.... Living in Kent, new to stalking deer. Looking for advice

    Hi all, I am new to deer stalking but an experienced shot (if not a little rusty) Grew up in rural Australia where rabbits and roo's were the normal quarry. Since immigrating to the UK I have taken up clay busting with the very occasional driven shoot (Pheasants). My yearning to go hunting...