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Good morning all,

I've been asked by a local farmer to boil out a soay tups head and mount it. I've never boiled out a sheep's head, done plenty roe/red/fallow. Would I just treat it like a roe? Or? Any videos or tips to help would be great. Just after some advice on how best to do it. Will I need to cut the horn to fit back on like a goats or?

All help appreciated and thanks in advance


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HOT water for a few minutes, not boiling.

All your doing is quickly cooking the membrane too detach the horn, flesh starts to cook into 50+ a lot isn't needed far from boiling.

A rubber mallet works well
I’ve done soay and do goats regularly. I pressure wash out the brain, and leave the rest for a few weeks until the horn sheaths come off. They’ll come off quicker if you put it all in a bin bag.

The Americans put pronghorns in the microwave to pop the horns off.