1. J

    Hello, I'm a rookie looking to get into hunting/stalking.

    Hello anyone who reads this. Posting here partly because it's a good idea for someone in my situation, and mainly because it is obligatory in site rules (I joke :D). Firstly I'll start of with a brief background on why I have signed up for this forum. I have recently returned back home after...
  2. GGC96

    Gary Cooper - introduction

    Hi all, just thought I’d introduce myself. I’m a young avid stalker who’s just finishing off his university degree. I’ve been shooting for as long as I remember and have gotten into stalking in the last year or so.
  3. S

    New Hertfordshire shooter

    Hi guys, new to the forum and new to deer stalking. Quite an experienced rifle shot and looking to get into deer stalking and rough shooting. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Especially if anyone knows of any syndicates that welcome newcomers in the Herts or Essex area. Thanks!
  4. I


    So apparently I need to say a bit about myself I am a keen shooter brought into the sports by my father who got me shooting skeet when I was in single digits with a nice little .410 cooey. Now I have tapered off the clays despite being what I think is quite good accounting for how regularly I...
  5. B

    Should a novice choose a flatter shooting calibre for their one and only rifle???

    Once again I'm looking to learn from the collective wisdom of SD members, please help? I have been looking at the 6.5x55 SWE as an all round calibre (will probably only ever have one stalking rifle) and know this is a bit of a hot potato on SD forum and it is often a lively debate that follows...
  6. P

    Introduction.... Living in Kent, new to stalking deer. Looking for advice

    Hi all, I am new to deer stalking but an experienced shot (if not a little rusty) Grew up in rural Australia where rabbits and roo's were the normal quarry. Since immigrating to the UK I have taken up clay busting with the very occasional driven shoot (Pheasants). My yearning to go hunting...
  7. Buckbones

    Available: Beginners Course in Red Deer Management Including A Cull Stag

    DAY TAKEN Beginners Course in Red Deer Management Including A Cull Stag I have anopportunity for a novice/beginner deerstalker to undertake a beginner’s course in red deer management that will include the culling of a large red stag 10 point plus as part of the day. THE CULLING OF THIS...