1. 5

    Stalking with a roe sack.

    Hi all, My birthday wasn’t all that long ago, and my wife surprised me by getting me a roe sack as a present. I’ve often wondered about the potential benefits of using one, and as I now have the kit it would seem a shame not to give it a go. However, it has pretty wide and reinforced shoulder...
  2. TheCornishman

    Professional Burger Machine....SWAP?

    Hey all, Surplus to requirement I have this cracking & under-used commercial Burger machine. Uses 100mm burger papers (or plastics) and is adjustable to produce different weight burgers. What have you got too swap?...anything you don’t use that I might? Trigger sticks/quad sticks...
  3. c18rch

    How do you carry yours?

    This may have been asked before but, I've done a quick search and it's not revealed what I was looking for. I was wondering how people carry their kit around. This is my current set up: Rifle on a rucksack sling; Bushnell laser rangefinder binos on a harness; Sticks - carried in hand; Napier...
  4. stalkinginengland

    For Sale: Larder Equipment

    On our online website we stock lots of larder equipment including heavy duty waterproof aprons, food safe powdered disposable gloves, non-powdered disposable gloves, cut resistant gloves along with all the knives an saws. We also stock fly killers along...
  5. B

    Hawke scopes? Has any try these or have any experience with them???

    Hi SD peeps Does anyone have strong feelings about the use of Hawke Scopes, I have enough budget to get a basic leupold/ziess but am i just paying for the name at the lower end of market?? Hawke Optics UK | Hawke Riflescopes Thanks Bladerunner
  6. Cry Havoc

    Hi Everyone

    Hi, I'm so new to stalking that I've not actually been...! I have recently joined a local rifle club to help bring my grouping down and joined the BDS in Feb this year. Today I went to Attingham Deer Park and met with some very knowledgable people. I plan on going on some stalks this winter and...
  7. S

    Expanding shop

    I have searched high and low for the best stalking and shooting clothing and equipment and I really do think that it is an opportunity missed not to develop a professional outfit range on this site; incidently I happened upon this site which is a Godsend by the way when getting opinions on...