1. Hi from ESSEX

    Hi Everyone I’ve only recently been introduced to this forum so I’m posting for the first time. I have gotten into deer stalking in the last couple of years and I’m looking for a land owner/occupier that wants some deer management. Alternatively, I’d be happy to join a syndicate already...
  2. New Hertfordshire shooter

    Hi guys, new to the forum and new to deer stalking. Quite an experienced rifle shot and looking to get into deer stalking and rough shooting. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Especially if anyone knows of any syndicates that welcome newcomers in the Herts or Essex area. Thanks!
  3. Hello from Orion Forestry in Essex

    UPDATE 30/10/15 We're now a trade Member, so I'm removing the gag. Here's the proper introduction; Hello, we're based in Essex. Looking to chat with people interested in using our winches and tools, plus hopefully find a few new customers. Orion Forestry are an approved UK...
  4. Game dealer in Essex

    Hi there, Does anyone know a good game dealer in Essex (I live just outside Chelmsford). Cheers, Joe
  5. Range

    hi all as you may now be aware with my posts im new to this so i post questions for advice please dont think im thik;) but advice from you guys is more than likely better than i get from my local sources i recently bought an A bolt 22-250 browning and 8x56 S/B and T8 modorator and was wondering...