1. dmouland

    Sold: .22wmr (magnum rimfire) rifle

    .22wmr marlin 25m rifle comes threaded with thread protector. Hawke mounts, generic bipod, trigger kit fitted, aftermarket camoflage stock and rubber bolt top. £160 collected from nr brighton, east sussex. Can do rfd to rfd transfer for additional £20. If collected, comes with 350 rounds of...
  2. dmouland

    Sold: .222 rifle

    I'm just waiting on my variation to come back with my .222 rifle and mod slots. Could be a few weeks or a month or two. I'm looking for an RFD with a reasonably priced threaded (1/2 x 20 UNF) rifle or rifle with moderator fitted. Or someone with such a rifle in the Sussex area. Will consider...
  3. E

    Returning Faulty Firearm

    Hi All, I can't seem to see any info anywhere on this, so hopefully someone will have some info. I recently purchased a firearm brand new, and it has a couple of issues (nothing unsafe, just not ideal on something brand new) and I have arranged to take it back to be repaired/replaced. If I am...
  4. W

    Flying with firearms - Charges

    As I was booking my trip to S.Africa with Bos en Dal Safaris, (Great time, Thanks), I chose to use British Airways to avoid any problems with my rifle. That's where it went wrong. The ammo must be separate, and lockable, from the rifle, because of this only the rifle counts as luggage There is...
  5. Mr. Gain

    For Sale: S/H Gun Safes - SW Birmingham

    I still have two S/H gun safes for sale. Collection only. General Info Both cabinets are in sound condition. Both have fixing holes in the back and floor. The "airgun" cabinet has only one set of keys. The "ammo cabinet" requires padlocks. There are some cosmetic defects from key-wear to the...