1. Krabryn

    For Sale: Game hook

    The essential tool for rapid carcass handling as shown in numerous YouTube clips. Join the experts with this 'T' handled heavy duty helper. It's unused and still in its original packaging, sharp as a new pin, imported from The Netherlands to test the supplier of a much more expensive article...
  2. dmouland

    Sold: Box of 12 x shotgun forends £50.00

    Box lot of 12 x shotgun forends from side by side shotguns. £50 posted.

    Available: Anybody want to Shoot Driven springbok next End May June 350 Rand each

    Hi anybody want to shoot driven Springbok in South Africa next year may -end June 2019 . I am paying 350 Rand each this year thats £20 each . We are organising a team for next year 2 South Africans me and 3-5 more required to make team 6-8 . We are looking to shoot 100 per gun over 3 or 4 days ...
  4. Peterm

    Available: GWCT and BASC team up

    The next Shooting for the Future course is scheduled for the 28th April at the GWCT's demonstration shoot in Loddington. The course is all about improving your shooting and your shoot management. Not to be missed...
  5. W

    Sold: Beretta Silver Pigeon S

    As title 28 inch barrels multichoke 12 gauge. Cracking gun, Comes with hard case choke key and 5 chokes. Beretta Xplor slip, good condition just a little small for me and selling to fund a bigger one! lop 14 1/4 inches. It has a few marks on and a very slight piece of wood from the stock missing...
  6. stalkinginengland

    Partridge and Pheasant Shooting in Suffolk At Glemham Hall Shoot, we have just sorted out our dates for the 2016/17 season. We have a wide range of days with 125,150 or 200 birds. Prices include VAT, lunch in the Hall, field or Hill Farm. Please take a look at our website for dates and prices or contact us via...
  7. stalkinginengland

    Shoot dates at Glemham Hall Shoot (pheasants and partridges)

    The Shoot The 3600 acre Glemham Hall Shoot, historically run by the Cobbold family has for the first time been leased out. We are proud to have been chosen and given the opportunity to run this fantastic shoot in close conjunction with Major Hope-Cobbold. Set in the heart of the Suffolk...
  8. Virbius

    Dispersal Auction - 28th February 2015

    Dear All, We are having a dispersal auction on Saturday 28th February 2015, further detail and a downloadable catalogue can be found on the following link: Mostly game rearing equipment, but there are a few sundry items that...
  9. Virbius


    Hello all, What are people's siting's of Woodcock this season, and what is your policy on shooting them? I've seen that GWCT are recommending leaving them following two bad breeding seasons in Russia, we are advising our Guns to do the same. We're in Norfolk, I understand there are some good...
  10. B

    Game dealer in Essex

    Hi there, Does anyone know a good game dealer in Essex (I live just outside Chelmsford). Cheers, Joe
  11. B

    Game Larder

    Hi there, I was wondering whether anyone recommends a company where I could buy a game larder from? I see Coolgame UK sell larders as do Tarrant Refrigeration (plus a few others) but maybe someone has a larder from somewhere else or even from one of these companies? Someone may even know the...
  12. K

    Driven Game Shooting Tips

    With the season moving ever closer... I want to know your TOP TIPS for any driven game shooter this season? Rob Eaton has recently posted this on the Keepers Mate forum: ​ I'd like...
  13. B

    CLA Game Fair alternative... Midland Game Fair?

    Midland Game Fair | Countryman Fairs - does anyone know if it's any good? I'm gutted about the CLA so am looking for a comparable alternative! Where are all the tradesman looking at now?
  14. B

    Wanted: Plains Game Cull Hunting

    I am out in South Africa in early to mid August and am interested in spending a couple of days hunting some plains game, nothing big just cull sized quarry. I will have transport just need a basic set up nothing fancy? Ideal location would be 1-3 hours drive from Pretoria/Johannesburg. If...