help please?

  1. Ruger precision 6.5 creedmoor grip and mag release help

    Hi All, I am looking to change my Ruger Precision grip to an MDT premier vertical grip or something similar, and also want to try and locate a extended mag release like one you can buy in the US from anarchy outdoors, 1st question is any vertical grip you think would be better and wlll it fit...
  2. Essex Shooting Range or Area for Zeroing

    Hello all, I am soon to go on my first stalk with BASC and really want to get my new rifle & scope set up. Can anyone help or point me to a 100 and 200 yard range anywhere near Essex. I do belong to a club who shoot at Fingeringhoe but I can never manage to get a slot booked as they basically...
  3. Noob from Liverpool here

    Hi like that title says I'm from Liverpool and looking to apply for a firearms certificate and to apply to my local gun club, I stumbled across this site through google. When I get it I want my first rifle to be a Lee Enfield no.4 Pleased to meet you all
  4. Importing Scopes USA to UK Post Brexit

    Hi All, I was wondering if someone might be able to help me. I am wanting to purchase a day/night scope made in the US, get it delivered to my family out there, organise collection from them and delivery to me in the UK. I am able to put it down as a gift to save duties (because they are...
  5. Wanted: New job wanted

    Finishing up as seasonal ghillie on a Scottish Highland Estate soon, and would ideally like to continue in the deer management industry. I will also consider the wider estate management industry (which I have some experience in). Due to certain events happening recently I need to be closer to...
  6. Hi all

    Hi all, Ben here, I'm new to stalking and have just got my firearms ticket through so will be buying my first rifle soon. I have permission near Huddersfield and York, both very different permissions one is hilly ground with a good head of roe whereas the other is flat as a pancake with some...
  7. New member intro

    Hi I currently work as a Woodland Officer for the Forestry Commission advising woodland owners on good woodland management in Mid Sussex. I am based in Haslemere, Surrey. my work takes me into the wilder areas of Sussex and where time allows I also like to spend as much time as possible in...
  8. Looking for scent shoes

    Hi all i an currently after some scent shoes, to aid with the training of my bmh. Al I can find is really expensive ones and no cheaper options. thanks Rhys
  9. HELP!! - MISSING DOG - Wrexham area

    A mate LOST his 8 yr old male smooth haired lurcher near nant mill area off Wrexham on Saturday afternoon. If anyone has found him or has any information PLEASE contact me by PM - he's sorely missed. Your help in spreading the word would be much appreciated. This is already on facebook and...
  10. Cz 455 .22lr

    Hi Have only put about 450 rounds through a new CZ, and now it is becoming difficult to get the rounds to feed from the magazine smoothly. Not all the time, but every 5 or 6 shots ( at different points in a 10 shot mag). Sometimes the round is so hard to feed that the bullet has it's edge...
  11. Stalking trousers

    Hi all im looking at buying a new pair of stalking trousers. Any ideas? Or good makes? They need to be water proof. Thanks
  12. Request to help an Iraq Veteran please?

    Hi, I run a tree surgery company and I am ex forces as are some of my blokes who work for me. I am also involved with a charity which helps modern day veterans who are often battle scarred, to find a job in civilian life. I currently have one such veteran, Mark, who saw heavy action in the...
  13. stalking boots

    im looking for a pair of high stalking boots. i have been looking at the le chameau mouflon plus boots. anybody had any experience with them? or is there a better pair?
  14. Stalking?

    At what age can you go on private property with a rifle and shoot deer?
  15. Nomad clothing

    Hi everyone I am looking to buy a nomad hooded smock. Does anybody know if they are any good or should I go for the riverswest field pro smock?
  16. Tikka M55 barrel thread?

    Dear all, please can anyone tell me what thread rate Tikka M55 actions are? I have been offered one but it needs re-barrelling and I would like to know what thread rate they are to price up a replacement. It's not the prettiest wood, but solid and straight grained. It would be a shame to see...