help please?

  1. Hi all

    Hi all, Ben here, I'm new to stalking and have just got my firearms ticket through so will be buying my first rifle soon. I have permission near Huddersfield and York, both very different permissions one is hilly ground with a good head of roe whereas the other is flat as a pancake with some...
  2. New member intro

    Hi I currently work as a Woodland Officer for the Forestry Commission advising woodland owners on good woodland management in Mid Sussex. I am based in Haslemere, Surrey. my work takes me into the wilder areas of Sussex and where time allows I also like to spend as much time as possible in...
  3. Looking for scent shoes

    Hi all i an currently after some scent shoes, to aid with the training of my bmh. Al I can find is really expensive ones and no cheaper options. thanks Rhys
  4. HELP!! - MISSING DOG - Wrexham area

    A mate LOST his 8 yr old male smooth haired lurcher near nant mill area off Wrexham on Saturday afternoon. If anyone has found him or has any information PLEASE contact me by PM - he's sorely missed. Your help in spreading the word would be much appreciated. This is already on facebook and...
  5. Cz 455 .22lr

    Hi Have only put about 450 rounds through a new CZ, and now it is becoming difficult to get the rounds to feed from the magazine smoothly. Not all the time, but every 5 or 6 shots ( at different points in a 10 shot mag). Sometimes the round is so hard to feed that the bullet has it's edge...
  6. Stalking trousers

    Hi all im looking at buying a new pair of stalking trousers. Any ideas? Or good makes? They need to be water proof. Thanks
  7. Request to help an Iraq Veteran please?

    Hi, I run a tree surgery company and I am ex forces as are some of my blokes who work for me. I am also involved with a charity which helps modern day veterans who are often battle scarred, to find a job in civilian life. I currently have one such veteran, Mark, who saw heavy action in the...
  8. stalking boots

    im looking for a pair of high stalking boots. i have been looking at the le chameau mouflon plus boots. anybody had any experience with them? or is there a better pair?
  9. Stalking?

    At what age can you go on private property with a rifle and shoot deer?
  10. Nomad clothing

    Hi everyone I am looking to buy a nomad hooded smock. Does anybody know if they are any good or should I go for the riverswest field pro smock?
  11. Tikka M55 barrel thread?

    Dear all, please can anyone tell me what thread rate Tikka M55 actions are? I have been offered one but it needs re-barrelling and I would like to know what thread rate they are to price up a replacement. It's not the prettiest wood, but solid and straight grained. It would be a shame to see...