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  1. Sold: Tre Spade Youngs Mincer £140

    Personal sale S/H Tre Spade Youngs Mincer Such as seen on Bushwears website (RRP £210 plus post) Clean and boxed ready to go. Good for sausage mincing, burger mincing or just general mince for bolognese or pies. £140 posted
  2. Wall Coating - Game Larder

    Hi All, Does anyone have any recommendations for a hard setting (wipe down) and good value white wall paint for a game larder? I had previously bought Resincoat Anticbactieral Epoxy paint which was good but the price has skyrocketed - I imagine because of the demand from Covid. Thanks, Harry
  3. Stainless Steel zip wire

    Wondering if anyone has used a stainless zip wire in place of a rail system in a chiller/ game larder. Only useful for a straight larder obviously. I have been pricing up rail systems and they seem very expensive compared to a stainless zip wire set up. I know this will be more “slidy” than a...
  4. Game Larder - old Luton body box

    Hi All, Looking to see if anyone has converted an old Luton van box into a game larder. I have been offered one measuring 4.3m (L) x 2. 14m (w) x 2.24m (H) for £500 and thought it would make a good room to chuck my chiller, stainless table etc.. into. I'm slightly concerend there wont be...
  5. For Sale: Stainless steel larder stool in HAMPSHIRE

    Hello Selling a bespoke made full stainless steel larder stool, which I had made a couple of years ago. Based on the Bushwear larder stool RRP £435 + delivery, all as photos, overall sizes 1300 long x 800 wide x 1130 height. Features wheels, lift handles to move about, blasted finish. I...
  6. Wanted: Fridge/drinks chiller

    Hi all, Does anyone have a cheap spare tall fridge or drinks chiller kicking around? It would need to be big enough for at least one fallow buck but happy to look at bigger. Based in Hampshire and happy to collect. All best, Z.
  7. Game larder / chiller

    Good evening I am after any feedback or recommendations please. I want to buy a proper freestanding chiller to take min two fallow or four roe, with a loading rail. Got two converted larder fridges which are great for roe but difficult with fallow size & weight plus need more capacity until...
  8. What do you use to keep your chiller/larder clean?

    I have just acquired a new Landig chiller, which turns out not to be as pristine as expected -another story- and needs a thorough clean. Obviously, it will also need to be cleaned and disinfected after each occupant leaves it. What kind of detergent/disinfectant would you recommend, and where...
  9. Game Larder

    Hi there, I was wondering whether anyone recommends a company where I could buy a game larder from? I see Coolgame UK sell larders as do Tarrant Refrigeration (plus a few others) but maybe someone has a larder from somewhere else or even from one of these companies? Someone may even know the...
  10. Accommodation & Use of a Larder in Perthshire / Dunblane

    We are after some B&B accommodation in the Perthshire area, near Dunblane would be best. So any recommendations would be good. Also we are after either the accommodation to have a larder / chiller facility or someone who would let the larder for a week, or just a space in the larder for use to...
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