1. For Sale: Warne Maxima 34mm high, weaver/ picatinny mounts

    For sale are a set of Warne Maxima 34mm high weaver/picatinny mounts (Warne part number 222M), in excellent condition. Sadly no packaging or wrench ( will see if I can find one). No longer needed so need to move them on, £55 posted.
  2. Best red dot sight for a .410 Hushpower pump action Mossberg 500?

    Hello all, I'm looking to fit a picatinny rail and some form of reflex/red dot/holographic (forgive my terminology, it isn't my field of expertise) type of sight for the above mossberg pump. I have seen these have been fitted for more effective shooting/use of this type of shotgun. Does...
  3. Sold: Extended picatinny rail Sako 85/75 £40 posted

    An reversable extended picatinny rail that fits onto Optilock bases. Sku: 8-0013 Britannia Rail. I think the model is 7075. Black annodised alluminium. made to fit a Sako 85/75 action 3/S i.e. short, so: 7mm08, 308, 243, 260 22-250, 338 Federal gen2 Excellent condition. Reversable, so...
  4. Wanted: 20moa or 10moa picatinny rail

    I'm looking for 20 or 10 moa picatinny rail for a tikka t3x lite. 270win. Tier one preferably. Tia
  5. Sold: Element Accu-Lite Rings/mounts

    Element Accu-lite picatinny/weaver rings in medium height and 30mm diameter. CNC Machined to tight tollerances from a single piece of alluminium. Stainless steel crossbolt, base clamp and nut. New and unused, I require QD Cost me £88 plus post Selling for £65 inc post.
  6. Wanted: Leupold QRW rings 30mm high/medium

    Looking for a set of the above, so Leupold QRW or QRW2 picatinny/weaver mounts/rings in 30mm high, or may consider medium. Has anyone got anything?
  7. Optilock or picatinny?

    So I’ve just bought a Tikka T3x Roughtech in 243. I’ve always mounted my scopes using the tried and tested picatinny system. However, some people have been suggesting using Optilock … what’s everyone’s thoughts?
  8. Sold: 34mm One piece 20 moa mono mount

    Hi, Looking for a one piece 34mm scope mount, with an elevation incline built in (like 20 MOA or 6 MILS). To suit Picatinny rail. Pictures below for example: Thanks in advance,
  9. Sold: Picatinny rail for dovetail

    Picatinny rail for dovetail (airguns, rimfires etc) Convert a dovetail to picatinny without the need for drilling and tapping the receiver. Good way to utilise nv use Grips to the dovetails via 4 side screws that clasp the claws into the dovetail grooves like normal dovetail rings would...

    S/H TIER ONE PICATINNY RINGSET 30MM MEDIUM £60.00 AS NEW https://rmacleod.co.uk/sh-tier-one-picatinny-ringset-30mm-medium-001004/
  11. For Sale: Picatinny rail adaptor for 11mm dovetail grooves

    Got another, as above Attaches via side screws like normal mounts would to a dovetail.. No drilled and tapped holes required. Alluminium. Suited for rimfire and airgun. £25 posted
  12. For Sale: 1" 9-11mm Dovetail Mounts + 1" Bubble Level

    For sale, I have the following items: 1) 1" 9-11mm dovetail mounts (triple screw), with 1x picatinny ring cap (4x slot) – brand unknown - brand new, never used. 2) 1" bubble level – brand new, never used. £30 for both items (to include P+P from Southern Ireland).
  13. Steyr Pro Hunter Mounts

    I have got a Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter 2 and I would like to fit a scope that has got a 35mm tube. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find any Weaver style scope rings in 35mm. However, there are several 35mm scope rings in Picatinny style. Is it possible to replace the original Weaver...
  14. 20 MOA Riser

    Hi, I have a question, the answer would seem obvious to me from the get go but I thought I would throw in a post and make sure I am right (not sure if I have posted in the right place here either, so sorry if that is the case) I have bought an 20 MOA rail to raise my scope up a 1/2" I did not...
  15. Best Dovetail setup ? or best mounting system for CZ rifles

    Hello people, Im just looking for a bit of advice. I have a CZ 17.hmr rifle which has a dovetail mounting rail on it. I used to use standard dovetail scope rings but had a lot of problems with them coming lose and the scope losing zero which was turning into a massive ball ache. So i tried...