1. Siberian Roe

    Siberian Roe

    Two Roe side by side in the snow
  2. Buck fever!

    Evening gents , I finally managed to get out after a Roe buck this morning and was fortunate enough to take one. I set the alarm for 3.15 and arrived at my friends farm at 4am. I sat in my motor until it just started to get light . Firstly I mooched s long s dirty track that leads to the open...
  3. Roe Buck - July 2019

    Roe Buck - July 2019

  4. 1st Roe Buck

    Set off to my usual Devon/Cornwall border, with outings booked in for Thursday PM, Friday AM/PM and Saturday AM. Surely I’ll get something I thought.. my usual 6.5 is left at home and a shining new Rigby highland stalker in 30.06, paired with fusion 180s takes it’s place. Hopefully it shoots...
  5. Stalking with a roe sack.

    Hi all, My birthday wasn’t all that long ago, and my wife surprised me by getting me a roe sack as a present. I’ve often wondered about the potential benefits of using one, and as I now have the kit it would seem a shame not to give it a go. However, it has pretty wide and reinforced shoulder...
  6. Input please on roe buck lung

    Good evening, culled young cull buck today. All normal behaviour, neck shot and all inspections external and internal were fine. Seen the usual lung issues before but not this red blood clot / pattern as per photo? Lungs weren’t adhered to chest cavity. Cuts were me checking internals of lungs -...