Sold: .17 Hornet

Hello all!

I’ve been searching for a while now but have not been successful… (Not the right ones on the usual sites either or have been snapped up …)

I’m looking for a .17 Hornet,
Ideally a Weihrauch HW66 but will consider others too like the CZ 527 or what else have you got?

Due to this being quite a hot round it’s important for me that the barrel is still in good condition and if it’s been shot lots, that the barrel has been bore scoped.

I’m in the Warwick area but willing to drive 1-2 hours distance for the right rifle, otherwise will also consider a RFD transfer to one of my local shops.

So thanks for reading this far, let me know what you have and if possible please attach pictures or PM me if you prefer.

Thanks again
Thank you everyone!
I have changed my .17 Hornet slot for a .223 and will be using that for my night time foxing instead.
They also seem to be a lot easier to find :D

Thanks again