17hmr or 22


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I'm applying for my FAC. Decided on .243. But I want a rifle for rabbits and crows etc. Can't decide between 17 hmr or 22.
Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.


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In the past i would have said 17HMR but with the current ammo issues go for 22LR and then get a 17 centrefire of some sort:D



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17HMR for crows & rabbits.
22LR for rabbits and crows.

If your budget allows both would be ideal and cover most situations. If you are limited to one, then 17HMR is excellent for wary crows in the right conditions.

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22lr bunnies
204ruger for crows and foxes
243 and bigger for the rest (6.5x55 being the choice)

Sorted. 17hmr fun round but due to ammo problems not that good. As others have said a lot of competition in this area, 17 hornet, 22 hornet 17 rem or the best calibre in the world the 204R!!!


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.243 is a steady calibre for deer and foxing, for foxes and rabbits out to a hundred 22 WMR is the one, 35 grn bullet will kill foxes and rabbits out to a hundred with ease all day, put a half decent mod on it and you've got a decent rimmy

ive used the hmr for a few yeas and if I'm honest it's not all that good for foxes unless you have a 100% head shot it bucks in the wind and you'll have more rabbit runners you can shake a stick at for me WMR every time


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See your in Lancs like me. I just put in for .270 22.250 and .17hmr on my first application job done. Had a ho with my mates .17 and it's flat shooting and great


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I have a .22 and a .17

.22 gets a lot of use and .17 gets hardly any

BUT Night vision on the .22 is a pain with loads of misses on head shot rabbits due to incorect estimation of hold over. Hardly any hold over with .17 so great for night vision.

.22 carried with me mainly for squirel when out after deer in a high seat. Nabed more than 1 fox, a few magpie and some crow that way as well. .17 too loud

Thinking of selling the .17 and have a variation in for a 22/250 which will defo get use on long range fox and corvid and save me wasting 243 amo at 90p a shot


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I can only echo what has been said about 17 hmr. There have been some real problems with the ammo in the past few years. A good friend of mine had duffy ammo and the gun blew up in his hands, due to a round not leaving the barrel. There have been similar instances and the companies have improved the quality of the ammo.

I would imagine that the ammunition companies have a better quality control these days.


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Go for the .22. ammo is cheep so you can fire away and get to know your set up.
you will have more fun with a .22 than any other round.
and if you are still not sure like i was then buy a cz 455 with both barrels and swap about. but to be honest i only use the .22 set up.


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Yes he has decided upon a 243. and wants i presume a .22 or .17 for rabbits, crows ect. Or if the mans got money he can use his 243 for all:) if he wants.


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I agree TOMMO.B :D

To be fair to jimbo1984, he was replying to Blacknsilver's post who said ".243 is a big cal for first time application". I also think this is bulls@it that makes our lives harder.


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I've come to the conclusion.17HMR is a fad, otherwise the manufacturers (I've a Browning T-Bolt) would sort the ammunition issue and Browning would import the correct mounts. I'm sure others will have different opinions, but I now feel the 'average' UK shooter needs only four calibers / rifles:

12g Section 1 shotgun: Covers: Vermin & Practical / Target.
.22lr: Covers: Vermin out to 80 yards / Target.
.223: Covers: Fox / Vermin / Target. (ease of aquiring ammunition).
.308: Covers: Everything else: Deer / Boar / Target.

Sure, Hornet is a nice found, .303 is fun, we all want .338 & .50 BMG, .270 & .243 have their place. But I did say the 'average' shooter (average budget, average time etc.…)