204 35 gn Berger varmit load now sorted


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As I have got a duff batch of 39 Blitz Kings and cannot source any more I had to develope a load for the above. Reloading solutions sourced me 500 Bergers at a good price so had to develope load. Fortunately two friends shoot .204 and both use BLC2 so that was a help.

Anyway loaded some BLC2 and after doing a velocity ladder test we found a node a between 30.9 to 31.2

31.2 shot the best group and is running at 3,930 fps.

Proves to be very effective on foxs 2 so far no exit hole and tiny entry hole.

Strke is noticably quieter than 39 BK, appears jacket on V max and BK is 9 tho, Berger is 13 thou.

I know this is quite quick and have decided to go with it and when shot out will get it re barreled with a 1:10.



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Anyone using Reloader 10x for these??

Yep I run the over 26gr of RL10x, its my favourite Bullet I’ve used in 204

I also use 32gr sbk, 32gr nosler varmageddons, and 40gr nosler varmint ballistic tip

Howa 22” barrel