Brno/Cz mags


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I can remember a thread a from a good while ago about where to get these mags. Cant remember the sites name. Anyone help me ?


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Cheers guys, looked at riflmags but I'm sure it was a site strictly for Brno/Cz. Maybe they are one and the same. Like you say Bob quite pricey. Not for me so I don't mind them being nearly a weeks wages!

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Your probably thinking of cz direct which are more expensive than rifle mags. I have metal and plastic and their is absolutely no practical difference whatsoever. Both feed the same, in fact I've noticed the metal mags can quickly present surface rust if not oiled. Go for the plastic mate


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What are the plastic mags like?
Some dislike them but I have had two plastic mags with my 452 for ten years or more and have had no problems with them whatsoever. They have been totally reliable while a friend who has an older steel magazine in his Brno has had problems with his which is contrary to what many claim and who seek out steel magazines in preference. For the cost of it you might as well give them a try.
I don't know if they still sell them but rimfiremagic (South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies) are worth a try as their prices were quite reasonable some time back and their service has never been in question.