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So, how do I ensure SD members don't "like" me please?

I really don't have the time or need for this crass social media-driven mechanism that suggests one's posts crave recognition and SD approval. If I'm alone in this fine, but I refuse to understand why someone should be 'rewarded' simply because they have an aptitude for making stuff or engineering in general. Ditto the scenario that sees members slavishly hitting the like button once they've done it once to a member within a particularly hot topic, and with little regard to what has actually been communicated within the subsequent posts! Brexit threads bring mutiple chilling examples to mind.

So, is there a process within my profile that permits resetting the like count to zero and ensuring it stays that way by other than refraining from further posting?

Thanks and please DON'T "like" this thread/post!

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It seems to me a convenient way of posters showing agreement with, or appreciation of, a post without having to lengthen the thread by quoting it and adding 'I agree', 'What an uncommonly erudite/witty/handsome fellow you are!' etc.