Available: Duck/partridge day 19th sep


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Evening all. I have a spare gun available for sat, it’s a 75 bird day standing 7 guns. Predominantly duck with 2/3 partridge drives. Cost is £140 for the day plus £10/20 beaters fee. Priority will be for current or ex forces/ emergency service workers. You must hold a Shotgun cert and insurance and without offence I would like to see it before we start as my name is on the day. You will be shooting alongside experienced guns including FEO,s so please be either be aware of etiquette or make the fact you aren’t aware of such and people will happily help you. It’s a very relaxed day and emphasis is on quality of shots taken as there are still some young/low flying ducks about. The shoot will be around the howden area but we will be meeting at my farm at eggborough if you would like an introduction before the day begins. There are no refreshments included to keep the cost down. PM me for details