Fallow in Scotland?


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Lots around Dunkeld, also small populations around Newton Stewart and north of Peebles

Counted 40+ in a field just outside Dunkeld village in the spring. 2018-05-16 20.13.58.jpg

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Lots of them up past Dunkeld and into Glen Shee, often see a herd of them from my back garden, and loads when driving to Blairgowrie


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I have stalked fallow in Annandale Dumfriesshire and Kirkmichael Perthshire. There are also lots around Dunkeld


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See a few quite often around the Meikelour area. Not sure if it's a managed herd or not, but they're definitely there. There's also a particular small herd of fallow I see often in the same area, with a white buck among them. He's a real beauty


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I have shot Fallow just north of Blair Atholl.
I dropped some Stag Heads off at the Taxidermist at Ballinluig and he said there were Fallow in that area.