Female Leopard


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I must say I have no idea Tusker, but in Zimbabwe last week the restrictions on any Leopard were tightening. It's getting to the stage where you have got to have a big old tom - and be "sure" it's a big old tom - before you even think of pulling the trigger.
I just can't think that in Namibia you would ever be permitted to hunt a female - but we shall see how this post develops. There is so much knowledge on this forum. It's impressive.


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No that was stopped a while ago in Namibia ,no countries will allow females to be shot with varying consequences dependent on country.The C.A.R for example is double the trophy fee if a female is shot.
Can anyone solve a friendly argument? Can a female Leopard be hunted in Namibia under any conditions?
thanks, Tusker
yes, they may and if can proof it is a danger for human life or domestic animals...like the old PAC (problem animal control) license or todays DAC (Dangerous animal control) license...

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Depends what you mean by hunted under any conditions. You will not get a hunting permit for a female Leopard in Namibia but if it is a problem animal it can be shot above as Patrick said.