Full head Sporrans


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Has anyone got pics of there full head sporrans, I’m getting married next year and fancy a unique sporran, my mates got a badger 1 it’s pretty nice
Found a dead 1 last year stupidly never picked it up from the size of the road , found a otter the other week
Without wishing to sound naive, would McPlod be after you if you had? I came across a suspiciously dead badger on the road when out stalking once. I did think it would be good for a sporran but didn't think anyone was likely to do the necessary for me so left it where it was.
Well you just never know , someone lifted it as it was there day gone the next , I see a fair amount of road kill living out on the sticks
I think the plod would be the least of my worries if I brought a roadkill badger/beaver in the house. My wife would have my knackers for a sporran.
Reminds me of a story of my student days. I hadn't known the girl long, but we were out for a drive somewhere and I spotted a dead badger on the kerb up ahead, on her side of the road. Badgers weren't so common in those days and, being unable to shake off my childhood skull collecting habit, I told the young lady to get ready, and as I slowed down when we passed the badger she was to open her door a smidgen, grab the badger and haul it into the vehicle. But it was rather heavier than she expected and she almost went out the door! I got hold of her and hung on, she hung on to the badger, and between us we pulled it in as I got the car under control and came to a stop a bit further along the road.
I subsequently rotted the badger's head down in a bucket by the back door of our student digs, and married the girl.
She still hasn't forgiven me for inadvertently leaving the skull behind when we moved house.
Photo cropped so it’s a wee bit blurry and it’s not strictly a full mask sporran but this one from Kate MacPherson is pheasant wings and back which I love. I’d also recommend Margaret Morrison sporrans who made an excellent repair to this one after some vigorous ceilidhing.

Nice where did you find these are they for sale
Just a photo on the net, but a fairly easy thing for any competent taxidermist to make. As long as you could source the metal sporran carcass, the skin and partially mounted head can be added around it. Pretty straightforward.
Need to be carefull.....you now..courtesy of our befuddled Scottish leaders...need a license to have an animal head sporran up here, and they would not give a license for an otter or a wildcat
...need a license to have an animal head sporran up here, and they would not give a license for an otter or a wildcat

Did not know that.:oops:

If the sporran contains fur from certain animals including badger and otter, and the animal was killed after 1994, then a permit is required to own the artifact. The maximum penalties for breaking the law are a fine of £5,000 and six months in prison.