Marlin SBL 45-70, looking for opinions.


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Mine will come with a kickezz pad. I tried the Paypal thing and it was taking too long to get the money in my account for the auction, so I gave him a credit card and then he told me The makers of Square for credit card transactions using your smart phone was giving him trouble for a firearm transaction and wouldn't process the transaction. I don't trust Paypal either and they can freeze your funds and his email is stewartsfirearms@ and Paypal has a no firearms sales policy. So.....I went to Walmart here in Louisiana and sent a MoneyGram to him at the Walmart near him in Kentucky, or any Walmart in Kentucky. This is a Gunbroker auction and he has plenty of A+ feedback in case anybody thinks I'm sending money to a Nigerian Prince.

The deer man

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Gosh, some really comprehensive replies, thank you very much for taking the time. Its for short range work maybe out to 100yds or so. I'm considering a guide scope for it with long eye relief maybe a Burris or a Vortex.
Don't forget Skinner sights, they're adjustable for windage and elevation, nice and sleek too. I have one on my Marlin Mountie and will mount one again on a new .30/30 in the very near future.