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Running shots on wounders only! Agreed we do not shoot deer onthe hoof in this country, check out my origonal measage.
everyone cares about balance, lets be honest - Guns that have the feel of a fence post wouldn't sell.
Shooting accuracy is enhanced by moderators when the rifle is already poking out of a hide or rested in some other way- disturbance is obviously reduced - for that reason they are of use during deer culling "MANAGEMENT" ie proffessional use
crawling into possion to take a shot, twisting your way through overgrown woodland, taking off hand short range opertunities without sticks- all the time needing to limit your exposure or movements etc, etc are my own thoughts of what the "Sport" is in recreational stalking. This is were moderators fall down THEY ADD LENGTH, WEIGHT, GIVE OFF TINNY HOLLOW SOUNDS ON CONTACT AND UPSET THE BALANCE OF FINE RIFLES


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I think I've said this on a previous thread, I love moderators but I hate long barreled heavy rifles. So I shoot Blasers which because of there action type are very short in comparison to most rifles of the same barrel length and then I use T4 mods on .243,6.5x55,.308 and 30-06 not as quiet as some but only extends the barrel by about 65mm(I think) and I'm not deaf yet.
For me this is a good combination.
I also have a massive wildcat predator(special) on my .375H&H which tames it enough to use on Wild Boar at night without scaring the natives this is quite a handful but out of a highseat its just the job :D

I'm looking forward to trying a normal Wildcat predator 4 baffle model anybody got one???


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I like moderators, have been using them professionally for a few years now. I am glad you are sticking by your principles, but that dosnt mean I have to agree with them!!

Hope the season is going well for you?


yes, proffesionally they are great- let me make my view clear by example.
Currently i have a .243" that can be equiped with it's T8 moderator. I used it Moderated for about three years and dropped lots of deer with it, i no longer stalk with it in place the .243" is my duel purpose fox / deer rifle using it around farms in the middle of the night i would screw the T8 on zeoro change is 5 M.O.A on elevation.
I am shortly putting a moderator on my .308"- if this seems contradictory to any then read my previous mesages. THe .308" carries a heavy barrel and a blooming great big 8-32 magnifcation nightforce scope and is equiped with a Jewel trigger, sythetically bedded into a HS stock
(Mcmillan on order to my spec) This is not a stalking rifle it is a deer killing rifle for taking out Deer in a christmas tree plantation at range !
I shoot this same gun in competition to 1000yds but i wouldn't shoot any living creature that far off.
Didn't mean to shout i forget such things being a bit of an old ludite !


Thanks, the season is going much better now thanks- got some nice Buck stalking in early on, but couldn't get on then due to pressures of real work- Hoping to have a long trip up- North towards End of Bucks didn't come off then Due to Foot and MOuth concerns. Got out last week for the first of the Does and you guessed it saw lots of Bucks! However managed Two does . Gosh i always fancied getting a .375 h&H shot one unmoderated a few weeks back - more of a big push reminicent of 30-06 with heavy bullets. I believe they make a good deer gun with little meat damage? To be fair though i doubt i will ever get one unless i get chance at some pigs or Africa.
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