MOY this Friday & Saturday

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Moy is a bit of a strange beast - a lot of old timers report there's a certain 'feel' to it you dont get elsewhere. I'd go along with that ( despite being NO WHERE near as old as John and Bog Trotter :D ), its certainly a fair that seems variable - its different each time - sometimes to the good and sometimes not.

Hopefully our presence will help edge it toward the good! We are supposedly on stand L13 which looks to be down toward the beer tent and across the way from the SGA - just look out for our Sauer flag and trail of Jaffa Cake crumbs. The pink cord management of Moy still seem to be struggling to work out where to put us but are united in their determination not to listen to a word we say :cool:

We'll have a selection of Sauer rifles - 202, 100 and 101 ( no 404 at moment ), spare mags and 202 plastic mag bottoms that are so hard to find. Usual range of cleaning gear with jags/ brushes to cover .17 to .35. We'll also have the excellent Otis Patriot kits that flew at Scone for just £20. As per usual we carry a full range of brushes and the price will include a brush to suit your calibre ( .17 through to .30 ), also shotgun kits.

Trijicon - we are still on a mission to get these in front of people. we'll have quite a range along - no hard sell, we just want folk to take a look and make up their own minds - so please come and try. But if convinced, there'll be keen offers on the day.

Leaving a fair empty handed is always a let down, so we'll have -

1. Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Stainless Large ( Stag size approx 55cm between kinks ) Used Gambrels - £12.50 each or TWO FOR £20!
2. Huge range of Plano plastic cases including their excellent shotshell and cartridge boxes
3. Vortex Diamondback binoculars just arrived ( phew! )
4. One off show only package deals on a 243 Sauer 100 and Sauer 101 including full set up, range time/ tuition, a day stalking and DSC1 discount if required. Including Ase moderator, Trijicon optics, Cleaning kit, Harris Bipod, Ogden slip etc etc.
5. Domestic bliss - rifle cleaning centres/ boxes from MTM & Plano - carious models. Keep all your cleaning gear neat in one place and solvent off the kitchen table! Very keen prices across the range.
6. Always - Diver Daves Water Repel DWR - it really is that good.
7. Beaton Midge jackets - you know you regret not getting the very next time you go out!

We look foward to seeing you ( especially if you bring jaffa cakes ).
see you there, were on the BDS stand again this year, I do like this fair and hope the weather is kind, atb wayne
Wayne - suspect iots going to be a damp one! Look forward to seeing you - if John lets me off the stand at all! Susapect I'll be settling my SGA subs via paper aeroplane flicked towards Mo!
Missed everything else ...., going to this one !!!!

Jaffa cakes will be deployed your sorted !!!

It's a good fair, one that I miss. You lot enjoy yourselves this will hopefully be your last Jaffa cake binge for a bit Andy, make sure that powerband is topped up for the forthcoming season :D.

Won't make it this year Andy due to old age while I might manage to get there I would never remember the way home again(have been telling everyone its because I am having to work so don't let on OK)

Whilst I may be senile I am not in the same league as John he sent an email the other day with details on how to gain my meat handling certificate, despite the fact I have had it since the years dot, even I can remember that:rofl:, not so sure what I am supposed to do with it though.:old:
Paul - Jaffas always welcome; but dont go thinking we'll agree to sell you anything!

Jayb- been feeling all weak and whispy since tyhe Dundee cake supply dried up...

Bog T - why say anything - we'll see you about noon on Friday after you forget that you said you weren't coming :D
Will be there on Sat, great chance to meet old friends, and if like last year, empty my bank account ! Lol.
Just back from loading trailer up at Johns. Those gambrels made a nice counter balance but are a swine ( pun intended ) to handle/ stack.

Viking delivery arrived in middle of it - so fresh stock of Tickless Units, Proshot Patches, Chamber kits - rifle and shotgun and other goodies.

I can taste the Jaffa cakes already....
See you there tomorrow Andy.
All done for another year. Thank you to everyone that called round - and as always apologies that most folk got far less attention than they deserved. Fair can be like Roukes Drift and people arrive in waves! :D