Muntjac conference in Northern England


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The North East England branch of the BDS are holding what promises to be an interesting evening on 21st September 2018. Main speaker is Graham Downing, author of "Stalking Muntjac". Full details in the attachment.



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Sounds interesting. As anyone been on something like this before? Are they worth going?



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Well, a turnout of 45 people in the end, and it was absolutely fascinating - particularly for those of us with no or little experience of Muntjac. Graham Downing, author of "Stalking Muntjac" did a really interesting talk about the spieces in general and stalking tactics, and his infectious enthusiasm made me (almost) wish they'd reached us up here, though it looks alike they're only a few years away now. A cracking good night and especially nice to see some young people from Askham Bryan college coming along and taking an interest too.


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Sounds like a good evening.
Despite their "pest" status I find muntjac fascinating little deer.
Just had a muntjac pie for dinner - fantastic!


I too, attended this absolutely great talk near Scotch Corner with Graham Downing.I drove 90miles there and 90miles back with a damaged hand due to an accident THAT day but was so keen to be there.


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I was also there it was a 330 round trip for us. I am very fortunate to have a lot of muntjac on my ground and most of my stalking skills have been learnt pursuing muntjac. I was really interested to hear what Graham had to say on the subject seeing has he has a wealth of experience on them and was pleasantly surprised by my own knowledge. As he was talking about them I could nearly predict what he was going to say.
I have my dsc1 & 2 and my ADM but, ( if Jimbo is reading ) there is no substitute for hands on experience, knowledge seems to be absorbed more through actually stalking and learning from your mistakes than reading.