New 6.5x47 Lapua


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Got this put together a couple of weeks ago and started load development for it. First proper group at 100yds while still shooting barrel in was 0.4 with 120grn Nosler BT over 40grn of H4350, so it has potential!

rifle1.jpg rifle2.jpg


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Looks good, pitty the grouping isnt that good but I am sure it will get better LOL. I do fancy one of them wee pea-shooters


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Barrel is 22" from lands to muzzle. Rifle weight is about 9lbs. I'm thinking of having another 2mm taken off the diameter at the muzzle with a more aggressive taper, 2" taken off the length and flutes removed to take a bit of the weight off and the balance back a bit as it will be used for stalking.


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Staffordshire Synthetic Stocks thumbhole varmint. I had the fore-end narrowed as originally it's pretty wide and flat so not quite standard though. Think they do a non adjustable version too....
Thanks, it's the adjustable and thumb hole combo I like. Is it adjustable on the fly, it looks like a sort of dial screw ?