Do you prefer the original Stalking Drectory.

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I dont really get why this poll has been set up?

Its not like the admins are going to go "oh yes, people preferred the old look and feel so lets go back to that even though it fell over regularly and was costly and complex to maintain".

I do change management for a living and one thing I will tell you is that people ALWAYS moan about change. Every time. It doesnt matter if they had a broken down jalopy and you upgrade them to a Ferrari - They'll moan about the fact that the old jalopy had character and that you just dont get the same FEEL with modern cars...

Personally I really like the new site - Much more sleek and usable.

Rusty Gate

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Taken to deeply. It’s a simple poll, you’d prefer one or the other.........there’s no follow up petition haha!
As with all thing’s new some prefer, some don’t & doesn’t put you in the wrong either way. A lot of hard work goes into the site which goes without saying the Trade/Public appreciate & nothing wrong with asking what others thought about the site not the effort via a poll.


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I like it. It is quicker, more modern, easier to read and to my mind, far more intuitive. It is actually more simple.

Forgetting all that, it is simply required. Technology moves on. Not all old platforms are supported as time moves on.

People claiming they cannot deal with it are not incapable of adapting to this new interface. They simply just refuse to embrace anything that isn't entirely familiar to them. Give it a week or so and you will wonder what the hell you were moaning about.


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Loving the new forum, it's like stepping into the future. PM system is outstanding - especially the browser notification s and red button on bookmark icon when you receive a new message.

Well done all involved.


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Its too close to call we need to leave it two years and have a second referendum. By that time I am sure the vote will be to stay with the new format :D