Quick butterfly roe haunch


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I was planning a bone in haunch. Unfortunately the domestic goddess decided to bake and all the oven time I needed was gone.
So what to do? Maintain matrimonial peace and tranquility of course. But what about the haunch?
A quick check on SD for inspiration and adapted a great recipe using rosemary and garlic on the bbq. Did I mention it was hosing it down with rain?
I deboned the haunch first of all. Then into one of those little hand blitzer/ liquidiser things I popped the leaves of half a dozen fresh Rosemary sprigs, a heaped teaspoon of rock salt, two plump garlic cloves and 75mls of olive oil. Blitzed to a paste, the boned out joint was flattened out, rubbed with the paste all over and placed in a plastic bag for half an hour. Overnight would have been better, but this was rather impromptu.
A sheet of foil was placed onto a roasting tray snd in the oven at 200C fan to heat up. Meantime a ridged frying pan was put on full blast to heat up. The marinated haunch was slapped into the pan to sear on each side for 2-3 minutes until nicely browned then into the oven for 20 minutes.
Out the oven, wrapped tightly in foil and a couple of oven gloves over it to keep the heat in.
Veg and new potatoes on while the meat rested for 20 minutes and plates in the still hot oven to warm.
Meat sliced, nicely pink and carved beautifully. Veg and spuds on the table. Red wine topped up.
Et voila, domestic harmony is restored.
Full of flavour sliced cold on a salad or a sandwich, should there be any left!

PS thanks @big ears on SD for the inspiration!
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