Sauer Push button Sling swivel rotation ?


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Slight problem with my push button sling swivel ! The female "cup" which is inserted in the fore-end appears to have rotated through about 45 degrees, making the NeoPod adapter canted off to one side.
Has anyone got any experience of resetting these little fellas ?

Looking through a parts/hardware catalogue it seems that some types have an hexidrive Inner making repostioning/tightening easy. The Sauer type by comparison are just smooth tubes with only 4 holes in the outer wall in which the 4 ball bearings of the male part of the swivel seat.
Having taken off the fore-end its difficult to see the end of the fitting from inside.
Any ideas or directions to a drawing would be very welcome.

I have booked to go and see Tim Scott in Hexham on Tuesday and feel the more info I can give him about the fitting the better it will be.
Thanks in advance.


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I didn't manage to get to Hexham, I did however manage to rotate the swivel back to the original position. OK for the time being but I fear it may not be a permanent solution.

I had already emailed Sauer, here is their response.

"Remove the cup, thoroughly de-grease the parts and fix in the correct position using two part epoxy"

Does anyone know HOW to remove the cup (female) ? It looks like a smooth tube to me with only the 4 ball bearing holes at the front.


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Check if there isn't a little screw in the bottom of the flush cup holding the thing in place. Epoxy in place can be awkward if it is the version with the four holes going through the wall of the cup as epoxy might fill the little holes.


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No screw in this "cup" ejg, its a smooth tube to allow the very long hex tool to pass through for fore-end removal.
Only the swivel fitting on the stock is of this type.